And whoever fears Allâh and keeps his duty to Him, He will make a way for him to get out (from every difficulty). And He will provide him from (sources) he never could imagine. And whosoever puts his trust in Allâh, then He will suffice him. Verily, Allâh will accomplish his purpose. Indeed Allâh has set a measure for all things.

[Surah Al-Talq, Verse 2-3] 

A reconnecting Muslim, I am not at all pious or try to act in this matter. I believe in what I believe.

I have read friends’ statuses on Facebook about how God’s provisions to his followers. I am a firm believer that God will not bestow you with hardship/pain that he knows you can’t handle. And I do believe that if he does not bless you with something you desire, he has other much better plans stored for you waiting for the perfect time which/where(source) you can never imagine.

For a couple who has been trying to conceive, For others who has limited wealth, For those who are looking for happiness, For those who yearns for what you desire, don’t despair. Allah might have blessed you all differently; some with a roof over your head, the love of your family and especially your spouses, others with wealth. Look around at what you have. Be grateful and be patient. Insya Allah one day he will fulfil what you need.

Sometimes we have to look beyond what we don’t have and focus on what we do have. That way we always be grateful for we are living another day today, able to be with our loved ones. Just my two cents worth.


This life is not about how well you planned it nor about how hard you try to make it work as planned. Some may choose to argue otherwise.

For me no matter how much i have planned out my life to be, no matter how hard i tried to make it as close to it as possible. Nothing is constant. He gives and take away anything in a blink of an eye. He puts you down and brought you back up from your sorrows. He pulls you down and have the hard face of reality smack into you when you’re up on cloud nine for too long.

There you go. Nothing is constant.

Constant is when you pick yourself up after you fall. Constant is forgiving. Constant is having faith in him. Constant is him.

He challenges you to be who you have not become. He made you to be who you are and guide you to be amazing. He loves you enough to let you know that each challenge he put you through, you Will succeed in the matter of time. He will not bestow pain that you couldnt bear. He loves you.

But we are all humans. Neither you and i are perfect. Sometimes we have doubts. Sometimes we give up. Sometimes we hate. Sometimes we let go…

Blog 28072013

finally, got the chance to blog before my terawih prayers. it’s been awhile since i met any friends of mine besides our (super) short Sydney Trip to watch Manchester United game with a bunch of Melburnians. Insya Allah soon.

3 weeks left before we pack our bags for our well deserved break! well MINE especially. These few weeks has been planning, booking and paying for our flights and accomodations. Took us a few weeks to finally decide where we are going to stay. Now, we have to come up with itinerary for our trips which we both anticipate and love spending hours planning!

Finally sent out all our Eid postcards to family and friends! Very excited. Still received a few texts asking why we needed their addresses and how old school it is to still be sending out Eid cards. Well, some traditions are best kept! For me personally, sending out greeting cards for Eid adds to the joyous occasion.

I kept a promise to myself, that Eid next year we would fly back and spend it with my family nonetheless. I owe it to them big time especially my parents. Life is short. Got to treasure it as much as we could.

Next up: Disney on Ice!

Firsts of changes and adaptation

it has been nearly 4 months since our wedding day. 

so much has changed. so many changes to adapt. time to blab a little.


It was definitely not easy moving in with the In Laws for a Girl like me. I had jitters of a different kind. Been living independently for the last 4 years and to move back living with a family was quite an adapting change. 

Despite how awesome and great your in laws are, you’ll always feel that there has been an invisible expectation that was put before you even came into the family. Nonetheless, I count it upon my blessing in so many ways.

Reading a few of my friend’s Facebook statuses regarding their Siblings-In-Law made me shudder if i have been doing things wrong or should have i done things differently. Nonetheless, i woke up every morning trying to do things differently in order to please the household. Yet, you are your own worse critic, hence, nothing was ever sufficient. Alhamdullilah, a step at a time, it eases me through the transition… 

“If there is one recipe for unhappiness it is that: expectations.” – Yasmin Mogahed

Marriage is way different than your average relationships and nevertheless, it doesn’t prepare you no matter how long you have been in the relationship before you got married to your husband.

Petty fights are not as easy as sleeping over it or run away or avoiding calls when you were living separately. Now, the anger lingers stronger since you’re stuck under that one roof. It can be emotionally draining when you got nowhere to hide. Facing it head on can be as challenging as crying silently, wishing it will all go away.


Looking forward to what this phase of life brings me. Good or Bad. Redha is the key.