September 20th

I told myself, we are celebrating you today! So just offering loads of dua for your hereafter. No tears and no sadness shall filled the day. I promised.

As I retire to bed, I can’t help looking at your photos because I miss you. Very much. These tears just couldn’t stop flowing. I broke my promise.

Happy Birthday Mak!

May Allah place you among the pious in Jannah. May Allah forgive all your sins and accept all your prayers and good deeds. I pray that we will be reunited in Jannah. Amin 🤲🏼


#driverconfessions #1

Finally got my licence! Yeay!

It takes me more than a decade, to get with it. If you really know me, driving is my least favourite and clearly the lowest priority for me. I guess I still have that Singapore mindset in me, if there’s public transport in the area, we are good.

I wish you could see and feel what I have achieved so far, Mak.

So my first #driverconfessions will be…

Do not tailgate!



MasyaAllah I have been blessed with friends who has been nothing short of amazing and generous.

A few weeks ago, Mira and Ery surprised me with a Taiyaki pan! It’s been sitting in my eBay cart for the longest time! but I didn’t really see a need for it to checkout. Thank you Mira and Ery! We love it! More tea time treats!

Yesterday we pulled it out and make it! I’m not a big fan of red bean. So I decided to make my favourite cheese Taiyaki!

It came out amazing! I used the recipe from Chopstick Chronicles. Link is here. The only thing I change is using cake flour instead of plain flour. And I was too impatient to let it rest for 30mins. So I just did it anyways and it turns out great!


Week 10 of ISO – Generosity.

Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah

We have been blessed with such generosity from our friends this weekend. We’ve received groceries, endless of home-cooked food and delicious desserts. It’s been nothing short of gratitude towards these wonderful humans! Just having them stopping by and dropping off the gifts, how we can still reconnect and catch up from the distance it’s still amazing 😉 thank you guys!

Finaz made this Pandan chiffon that’s super delicious it reminds me of my favourite childhood bakery next to my Kindergarten!

May Allah repay your deeds with utmost blessings. Everyone.

Tawfiq requested for me to converse on record what I could or would want to say to anyone I wish at this point in light of Covid19, and He made such a heartfelt video stringing all the different recordings from people… it really tugged you’re heartstrings, you can click on the image below.

Been so busy revamping my business website the past few days; I have also added a link on the top right as well if anyone need any gifting needs. I really appreciate all the support I have gotten the past year. I am trying to simplify as much as I could and bringing in more great quality products at the same time. Please continue to support me, follow my business on Instagram and Facebook. It means a lot to me.

Oh wow, almost four months of ISO. To be honest, this to happen in the month of Ramadan was such a blessing in disguise. We have all the convenience of praying and fasting in the comfort of our own homes, we are able to pray promptly, we get to pray together for Terawih and so grateful to complete as much of our Ramadan checklist with ease and Most importantly we get to do it all with the family. Alhamdulillah.

Autumn is slowly leaving us, and Winter is slowly creeping through.

How time flies, 3 more days to Syawal. Hope everyone is well and staying safe.


Week 8 of ISO

Currently playing : Hwasa – Orbit

Yay to the weekend! How time flies! It’s been two months since we started working from home and in ISO. Usually after Sahur, I will complete my Fajr prayers and Quran reading. On weekdays, I felt a little rushed. On the weekends however, I can take my time and as long as I can hold my Wudhu to read the Quran. And…..

Thereafter I have my weekend KDrama; The King: Eternal Monarch to watch, a date with my LMH on weekend mornings. Looking extra forward to every weekend now. If you haven’t catch it and hate cliffhangers, probably wait till the whole series is completed on Netflix.

Been feeling under the weather since Tuesday. Can you tell?

It’s been a super tiring week to be honest. Since last week, I was a little under the weather and lost my mojo can you tell? I just want to stay in bed all day. If I can homeschool Ayden on my bed I would! And call it “Alphabets Bed Session’! It happens I’m sure. My creative juices are not flowing, my usual “go-go-go” self is absent. I was bleargh.

Grateful that hubs managed to do some of the Learning Adventures with Ayden.

I picked myself up this week. Been reading the Quran on a daily basis even at least 5 verses (A goal I set for myself!). I’m still reading Surah Al Baqarah and it’s day 4. Still on it. Slowly but surely. I’m not good with resolutions. I told myself I am going to complete these books, this Ramadan. Hopefully, I can InsyaAllah. But my ultimate goal is to read as much of the Quran this Ramadan. May Allah makes it easier for me. Amin.

PS: Thank you Arina for the Quran translation and that scent for Mecca 🕋 it’s super calming. Love it!

Another cook out weekend in this household! We’re grilling Nandos Chicken tonight and cook up a storm of East Coast Favourites tomorrow!