Planting Seeds

They say spending your day under the sun improves your mental health and immunity; I can’t agree more. It’s just amazing. With bare feet on the grass and just feel reconnected… revived… recharged.

Last summer we had a major hail storm, it was the most terrifying. It was so loud from inside the house, it feels like the windows were going to be smashed. There were big and hard balls of ice shooting down continuously for a good 10-15minutes. Our cars and the patio roof were damaged too.

Since then, Ayden has this fear of wind, when the leaves of the trees rustle, he will ask, if it’s going to be a strong or tiny one (in his words); or if there’s any wind at all. He will run and hide behind someone. And if he’s playing outside and there’s a big gust of wind, he will run into the house. We are slowly trying to help him overcome this fear. InsyaAllah

Since it was a sunny day on Monday, we decided to shift his “classroom” outside. It was nice and warm. We get to do a little grounding, jump on the trampoline and focus on the letter E. Ayden loves doing Mazes and Dots so much, I had to buy a book of them. He already gone through half the book!

As a family, we have been praying Maghrib together on a daily basis. When Ramadan, started it was my goal to include Ayden into our congregational prayers. As a four year old, there are no expectations. I lay his mat beside mine and he follows as and when he wills. And he does (partly!) but MasyaAllah a good try on his part. We do this for Ishaq too before we start our Terawih. He will have his “solat pants” and songkok on and his mat ready. When I hear him shouting out loud Amin after Ali finished his Al Fatiha and Allahuakhbar at each prostration, I am already ecstatic and grateful. I always mention this after our prayers how proud I am of him and so is Allah.

I often think, I don’t want Ayden to feel like he is forced to pray. I want to instill love in him to make him want to pray. I am sure we have been in households or in one ourselves where we were nagged constantly to pray by our parents that it became a chore, there’s no questions ask and to just do because we must. And I don’t want it for Ayden. I want him to love it, to love Allah without being forced to.

This is an article which I find amazing and have such great and helpful advice about planting the seeds of prayer in our young ones. May we find what’s good and what works for each of us.



Ramadan Hiatus

I am taking a break from Instagram and Facebook this Ramadan. So I can focus, or more like forcing myself to; read more, see more, learn more and enjoy more of my surroundings. I hope you continue to be part of and enjoy my daily ramblings on my blog. I want to document as much as I can in this pandemic in writing to look back years on. For Ayden too!

As I finished taking my wudhu for Subuh this morning, my little Spider-Man prop up from his bed asking if I’m going to Solat. I nodded and he said “I want to solat too!” My heart is just so full, and there he stands next to me imitating my moves (Well, Almost!). My heart just exploded! MasyaAllah. As we entered our 3rd day of Ramadan, I am beyond grateful and blessed to be home with my little family.

Our morning and hearts was about to get so much fuller, with this superhumans surprising us at our doorstep with treats. MasyaAllah! Thank you Azrina, Moey and Zakh for the Kurma and Ondeh-Ondeh rolls that we couldn’t wait to eat! Really appreciate the Card/Drawing too! May Allah bless your family with abundance of Barakah, rezeki and Joy this Ramadan. Of course, May He accept all your prayers and deeds as well! Amin 🤲🏼

MasyaAllah such generosity!
Amazing ♥️

It was indeed an eventful busy day! We decided last night that we are going to make Wonton Noodle Soup for Dinner. So we went out to Westfield to get all the ingredients, pick up my purchases from Big W (eeks! Super excited!) and since we were there got my GongCha fixed too! Yay! The whole family was so involved with the cooking and preps. It was amazing! Making wonton from scratch, I definitely would do it again! If you in need of Chinese cooking recipes – Maggie is your go to! Definitely need to bookmark

Amidst the preps, cooking, prayers and getting everything ready, by the time we eat, I didn’t managed to capture the end result. It was all gone by the time I remembered! It was quite satisfying making and eating your own wontons.

Cantonese Wonton Noodle Soup

While watching Masterchef with the family, we had Kunefeh that Muni made earlier in the day for dessert! Omg it was the bomb! Freaking delicious! This time I managed to capture it!


I must say, Terawih prayers tonight was a tad slower than usual with all those delicious food! Well back to being a full time employee, mum, wife, teacher, cleaner…

As I take a hiatus from social media, my online shop is still active and so is my business Instagram account. We are still doing deliveries. So if you need any gifting needs, please email us at, DM us on Instagram or go onto our website at

Stay Safe xoxo

Mum Guilt – Pre Vacation

Well, this past week has been quite trying.

And today, well today had to top it all!

Rush from home to office to the embassy to the office.. we are still on the way back to the office. Took the tram across the city holding a guilty lunch packed in a brown bag with Golden Arches in front of it. No not for me but for Ayden. Yes. Judge me. All you want.

Amidst the crazy rush this morning, Ayden was with me the whole time. Had to pull him to walk quickly so we won’t have to queue long at the embassy or missed the tram to catch the bus in the city to head back to the office. He was tired.

For the first time in a while, I panicked. I guess I was too exhausted to care about anything else except for work and these boys. Up till 4am this morning, went to the bathroom and decided (God knows!) to check my email. We got a check in email from the Airline and advised us to check our Visa requirements. And that 4am was the start of my day, because only then we realised Ayden needed a visa to enter China as he holds a different passport to Hubs and I.

I got all the details, checklists and decided to print all the paperwork at home. And of all days, none of the printers at home has any INK left! Subhanallah. I thought that was it and my heart broke further, when it states that it takes 3-4 working days to process. That’s why we had to make an emergency stop at the office.

I was ready to bring on the waterworks at the Embassy. Our flight departs at 6pm the next day, we literally only have less than 24hours to get hold of a Visa for this toddler of ours!

When we got to the embassy, there were not too many people just as yet. Luckily they have forms there to fill up and a copier to make copies of any relevant documents. The normal cost for a Holiday Visa to China was from $109.50. We had to fork out $209 altogether for a rush visa! OMG. i never had to pay that much for a Visa before. Well, whats done is done.

So we arranged for Ali to pick up the Visa the next morning. And finally, we can check in for our flight to Shanghai with a quick pit stop to Singapore for a wedding.