#driverconfessions #1

Finally got my licence! Yeay!

It takes me more than a decade, to get with it. If you really know me, driving is my least favourite and clearly the lowest priority for me. I guess I still have that Singapore mindset in me, if there’s public transport in the area, we are good.

I wish you could see and feel what I have achieved so far, Mak.

So my first #driverconfessions will be…

Do not tailgate!


Driving… Finally!

Yay! So finally got the courage to contact the local driving school and bought a package for myself! Hoping that I could score my license before end of the year!

My true blue Aussie driving instructor took me by surprise with words like a**h*** and d***h*** every now then. But now I’m used to it.

This is definitely a big thing for me! Hoping I could ace them quickly but reality is I’m scared shitless in the driver’s seat!

Wish me luck!