This life is not about how well you planned it nor about how hard you try to make it work as planned. Some may choose to argue otherwise.

For me no matter how much i have planned out my life to be, no matter how hard i tried to make it as close to it as possible. Nothing is constant. He gives and take away anything in a blink of an eye. He puts you down and brought you back up from your sorrows. He pulls you down and have the hard face of reality smack into you when you’re up on cloud nine for too long.

There you go. Nothing is constant.

Constant is when you pick yourself up after you fall. Constant is forgiving. Constant is having faith in him. Constant is him.

He challenges you to be who you have not become. He made you to be who you are and guide you to be amazing. He loves you enough to let you know that each challenge he put you through, you Will succeed in the matter of time. He will not bestow pain that you couldnt bear. He loves you.

But we are all humans. Neither you and i are perfect. Sometimes we have doubts. Sometimes we give up. Sometimes we hate. Sometimes we let go…

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