The Happiness Worshop by KikkiK

I attended KikkiK’s Happiness Workshop last month! It was a major impromptu! Had a late meeting in the city and hence put my name forward for the workshop to fill my time waiting for the peak hour traffic to die down…

As per their KikkiK’s website and brochures, “Happiness is a journey, not a destination, so there’s no better time to create your happiest life. Start living the life you want to live by doing more of what makes you happy.

Discover how in an inspiring workshop:
• Explore what happiness means to you
• Learn how to celebrate the little things 
• Plan to welcome more happiness in”

I wasn’t depressed. Likely unhappy but i just need that boost. A little inspiration to be happier. Be in touch with the things or areas that i overlook or have forgotten. To maintain or improve my positive outlook in life and be happier of course.

The workshop was beneficial. They work alongside Gretchen Rubin’s, The Happiness Project book. Hence, they complement one another. 

Highly recommended!

Ignorance is bliss, they said.

What people don’t know is, i’ve thought it through, I knew the implications of conceiving at a later age, I know the risks I’m taking and that having a child is a rezeki on its own, I know all that. I am not ignorant. I just have a few things that I want to experience first. I have a plan. Despite you not knowing and not interested in knowing my plans. I have them and as much I do want to have kids of my own. I do really. It’s not the right time yet. I know. Stop saying I am ignorant and stop asking me when I’m going to have my own kids. I will with all your duas and prayers. Insya Allah in time I will.


This life is not about how well you planned it nor about how hard you try to make it work as planned. Some may choose to argue otherwise.

For me no matter how much i have planned out my life to be, no matter how hard i tried to make it as close to it as possible. Nothing is constant. He gives and take away anything in a blink of an eye. He puts you down and brought you back up from your sorrows. He pulls you down and have the hard face of reality smack into you when you’re up on cloud nine for too long.

There you go. Nothing is constant.

Constant is when you pick yourself up after you fall. Constant is forgiving. Constant is having faith in him. Constant is him.

He challenges you to be who you have not become. He made you to be who you are and guide you to be amazing. He loves you enough to let you know that each challenge he put you through, you Will succeed in the matter of time. He will not bestow pain that you couldnt bear. He loves you.

But we are all humans. Neither you and i are perfect. Sometimes we have doubts. Sometimes we give up. Sometimes we hate. Sometimes we let go…


I have been wanting to update for a while. When too many events collide, your mind keeps shuffling them and it just gets too quick to even type everything out in limited time.
I have been following a few hijabistas for awhile. Masya’Allah they are all so pretty in their own unique way. A few beautiful instagrammers that i adore includes @shearasol @mdmluvhearts @lilmrspolkadots @ananasser @ilyana. Loved their outfits and styles. Too adorable. I’ve already had too much stuff in my shopping cart with SufyaaThe Pop Look and Zawara. Ohhh and the shawls from Sugar ScarfAdlina Anis and Sahara Shawls are too awesome too!
Insya Allah one day, I’ll don the hijab. I know! Excuses after excuses indeed but Truthfully, i don’t have any. I don’t even know what’s stopping me. I am still searching for answers from him. I don’t even know anymore what’s holding me back.
Such awesomness to start the entry on a lighter note.
And thereafter… an unfortunate event happened at work. It comes to a point that going to work has been a dreadly chore and a safety issue on my part. As much as i want to work late to earn extra allowances, it became a nightmare and heading home was the only option. I promised myself that this year, I would have a career change for a better future and upgraded self development capabilities. However, the job market doesn’t even look that promising either but i am going to give my all and try my best to get out there before i go on my vacation.


I’m that girl who’s always insecure. be it looks, relationships and life itself. I’m always going for the worst. I’m never that girl with the most beautiful face or flawless skin. i was never that girl whom people ask for beauty tips ever! until recently. I’ve struggled a lot when i was in my teens up till now. Constantly, surrounded by friends and peers where beauty is such an enormous factor in their daily lives. Nevertheless I’m often put down by it. I lived in envy most of the time. Envy of others. That’s not or never healthy. However, it all changed for me when beauty wasn’t everything in the end. Things they say about inner beauty can be a cliche but it works wonders and on top of that i’ve managed my skin really well now. I guess through a lot of trial and errors, I’ve managed to know what’s best for my skin!

PS: For you(s), don’t despair. It takes time (it sure did for me) and I’m sure you’ll find what works for you… =))