I’m that girl who’s always insecure. be it looks, relationships and life itself. I’m always going for the worst. I’m never that girl with the most beautiful face or flawless skin. i was never that girl whom people ask for beauty tips ever! until recently. I’ve struggled a lot when i was in my teens up till now. Constantly, surrounded by friends and peers where beauty is such an enormous factor in their daily lives. Nevertheless I’m often put down by it. I lived in envy most of the time. Envy of others. That’s not or never healthy. However, it all changed for me when beauty wasn’t everything in the end. Things they say about inner beauty can be a cliche but it works wonders and on top of that i’ve managed my skin really well now. I guess through a lot of trial and errors, I’ve managed to know what’s best for my skin!

PS: For you(s), don’t despair. It takes time (it sure did for me) and I’m sure you’ll find what works for you… =))

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