Glucose Tolerance Test is what it means.

For those of whom who knows me, will know how terrified i am of Needles! Yup i am a scaredy cat! This test will conclude your sugar levels and see if you’ve got what the call Gestational Diabetes if your sugar levels soar high!

Well that happened. So you will fast for 10 hours the night before and came in for the test first thing in the morning. They will get a testube of your blood sample before getting you to drink 75ml of pure glucose liquid (erghhhh it was too sweet but not as bad as i thought it will be!), an hour later they will get another testube of blood sample and wait another hour for another testube. Altogether it takes 2.5hours and 3 needles poking your veins for the overall test! I was quite proud of myself for going through it!

Two days later got a call from the Gynae office and was told that my Sugar levels was high and hence they had to refer me to an Endocrinologist. I was bummed out! But most people say its more of diet plans and pricking fingers to monitor glucose levels 4 times a day! 😩 

Indeed, my nightmare came true when she told me just that! Spend 3 hours going through diet changes, pricking fingers and explanations after explanations. So i switched my daily jasmine rice meals to Basmati rice! Bought heaps of banana and apples! Also low gi bread for my daily toast breakfast and no sugar added yogurt for snacks. 

Oh wells, on a brighter note i am on to my 27th week! Super exciting and at the same time nerve wrecking! The photo below was taken last week! Mummy will try her hardest to provide the best for you baby! Can’t wait to have you in my arms 😘


Count your Blessings.

Besides cooking, my only therapy to keep my tired self awake and busy is to blog. Some will tell me to just rest and just enjoy sleeping as much as I can. But I feel so restless all the time, all these sleeping/napping made me feel that I am wasting my time away and I know I will regret it later when the baby comes along.

Now that it is daylight savings, I feel like there’s so much things to do. I like my sunshine, the warmth, the long days and short nights. Hate winter in Melbourne, so cold and gloomy. Mundane and so miserable. We usually have take outs every Wednesday, more like a rest day for me. So the lovely Father in Law will get dinner for the us on the way home from work. On a normal weekday, I would rush home after work to cook dinner, rest, perform Maghrib prayers and then eat dinner. That’s my daily routine. I must admit, although i am used to it all, it is quite tiring sometimes. At times like this, i am very grateful to have understanding In laws and husband.

On Fridays, we usually head out for dinner. And on weekends, we usually eat out or cook noodles or something simple. or Just finish leftovers from the week. On a good Sunday, I’ll prep for the weekday dinners but in my current condition, i must say i have been a little lazy 😛

On a good note, we have been heading out together a lot. Oh wells not like we hadn’t before, but you know we don’t plan things for others anymore, just doing our own thing and spending lots of quality time together. I think it is indeed healthy before the arrival of the little one. As i get older i think more about Time VS Money. I have heaps of friends who work overtime for the extra money but they spend heaps of time away from home; at work. Insya Allah we don’t have to go through it in the future, but i always believe no matter how much extra money you make, you can never buy time lost with your loved ones.

Bride.blabs 》 Wifey.blabs 》Anathyst

I was longing for a change. to be back where i was from.

A place where I can pen my thoughts.

This is it. I found it.


Now its home is where it will be. WordPress.

Tumblr was good then for micro blogging. These days my mind filled with so much that i literally need to put it out there! For future sake, for memories, for me to go back to and remind myself how i’ve been and how i move forward.

The Happiness Worshop by KikkiK

I attended KikkiK’s Happiness Workshop last month! It was a major impromptu! Had a late meeting in the city and hence put my name forward for the workshop to fill my time waiting for the peak hour traffic to die down…

As per their KikkiK’s website and brochures, “Happiness is a journey, not a destination, so there’s no better time to create your happiest life. Start living the life you want to live by doing more of what makes you happy.

Discover how in an inspiring workshop:
• Explore what happiness means to you
• Learn how to celebrate the little things 
• Plan to welcome more happiness in”

I wasn’t depressed. Likely unhappy but i just need that boost. A little inspiration to be happier. Be in touch with the things or areas that i overlook or have forgotten. To maintain or improve my positive outlook in life and be happier of course.

The workshop was beneficial. They work alongside Gretchen Rubin’s, The Happiness Project book. Hence, they complement one another. 

Highly recommended!

Happiness Project.


I am officially embarking on my Happiness Project. 

The wonderfully inspiring book by Gretchen Rubin. Im only through to the 4th Chapter. Like Gretchen said, everyone’s happiness project is different in their individual way. Her project is more like a reference and inspirations to derive from. Also along you go, you can pick out tips you never know! 

So i’ve started my decluttering phase! Decluttered the wardrobe and drawers. The results! 3 bags full of unwanted clothes! But i think i can push it for more! The feeling has been wonderful. Seeing spaces and you can actually see the clothes that you actually have!

I colour coded them as well and group them together from tops, bottoms, dresses. That way you know what you already have and you won’t want to buy another black long sleeve top when you already have 3! No more madness finding what to wear in the morning! 

You just need to be constant. Constantly putting back items where you took them from. Staying organised is the key.

Next to declutter: The husbands wardrobe and the work desk area! I know its bad… That corner of the room seems to be the dumping corner. Not for long!


One of the woes of living away from home is that you missed important occasions, events and the making of memorable memories. Not forgetting sad episodes such as the passing of your loved ones.

I was never good with goodbyes and departures. My emotions are slow to react. Ill be very sad but my emotions doesn’t show. Then, the day after or so, I’ll be balling my eyes out. Yes the crybaby.

Been through a number of passings in the family. But one that caught and wrenched this heart the most was when my maternal grandma passed away in 2011. It was a sudden episode. She was the last grandparent i had after my paternal grandma passed away in 2000. I remember hosting my best friends when they came down to Melbourne. Once, I heard the news from my sister, I knew I had to call home straight away. Was already searching for flights back home but Mum told me to stay put. It was really hard.

Amidst being busy with the funeral arrangements and trying to get everything done as soon as possible. She was pretty adamant for me to stay put and said by the time I reached home grandma will already be buried. So the best possible outcome is to offer prayers for her from where I am.


Indeed, I was motionless through the ordeal. I grab the prayer mat and my prayers attire and pray. Was continuously praying and apologising to her for not spending more time, for not heading back earlier, for I didn’t had time to apologise for my wrongdoings… Ultimately for not being there. I was disappointed. Helpless.

Remembered putting on a strong front but I crumbled and cried non stop when the Mr send me home. I never want to ever be in that position ever again. I promised myself, I am taking the next flight out. Not risking anything and living with regrets.

I definitely understand that turmoil, that heartbreak feeling being away from people who matters the most especially when they are in critical condition. life is short. indeed. Do anything you can possibly do so you will avoid any regrets in the future.

Hard lessons learnt.