Stumbled and now a must have! 


I stumbled on the Milton Mini Portable Soother Steriliser at Woolworths but didn’t think nothing of it. And then I came across it again at Baby Bunting. After a month of seeing it in stores, I decided to check it out and thought it might be useful since Ayden drops his Dummy a lot! And even with the Dummy pinned to his clothes, it just goes on everywhere, tables, cot, floor and etc. And when I finally decide to purchase it, Neither Coles nor Woolworths stock it anymore! And I had to settle for a less attractive color at Baby Bunting. It costs about $10 and comes with 10 mini sterilising tablets.

The Milton Mini Portable Soother Steriliser cleans and sterilises dummies on the go in only 15 minutes.

Key Features and Benefits

  • BPA free
  • Sterilises in 15 minutes
  • Stays sterile for 24 hours
  • Comes with an adjustable strap
  • FREE INSIDE: 10 Mini Sterilising Tablets

The great thing is that you can reuse the same solution throughout the day and the adjustable strap means you can attach the Mini to your buggy or change bag so you can make sure you always have a sterilised soother to hand.

Before leaving home, simply fill the Milton Mini with cold water and add one Milton Mini Sterilising Tablet. The unique sponges inside the Mini absorb the solution to avoid spills as well as helping remove dirt from the teat. Add the soother, replace the watertight lid and after only 15 minutes the soother is sterilised and ready to use straight away with no need to rinse.

Another stumbled upon product! Was at Chemist Warehouse while picking out monthly necessities for Ayden and came across Milk & Co product range. What attracts me was the Nighty Night Room Spray!

Milk Baby Nighty Night Room Spray relaxes and calms your baby, preparing them for the perfect slumber! With just a few sprays, the lavender-based formulation works it’s magic. As the saying goes “you will find your bubba’s eyelids (and yours) are shut before they even hit the pillow”

I was sceptical at first but since it was on special; any two products for $15. I decided to purchase it and try it out on Ayden! So we had our regular bath time in the evening, massage and a little playtime, decided to spray it around the room and in his cot and bedding. Less than 5 minutes into it, he fell asleep on my arms! It was amazing! Although it was his regular hour nap after his bath, I tried it again during bedtime and amazingly he sleeps soundly! This is part of our nightitme routine now! Now i can’t wait to try the other products in their baby range!

This will definitely be one of those items I’ll pack together with the other essentials to make it into a Mummy Survival Kit for my gorgeous expecting girlfriends!

PS: Michael Klim and his wife created the Milk & Co range.


Ramadan, Eid and Milestones

5 months has passed. I try not to be paranoid or overstressed about Ayden’s developments, although, during our 4th month visit to the Maternal Health Nurse she did asked if he has rolled over. Which we shake our heads carefully. Then, exactly on his 5th month, 11th July, he rolled over from back to front and front to back, again and again! We were ecstatic! Ayden has always been surprising us of what he is capable of. One minute we are worried of his milestones, next minute he aced it! Oh don’t grow too fast my dear boy!

And on the same day I embark on a difficult journey of returning to work. Full time period. It was hard and now coming on to my second week, I am gradually getting used to the routine. But I must admit I miss Ayden so much sometimes, I sprint the last 100 metres home just to see him. I am thankful and blessed I have my in laws to look after Ayden and send me photos every now and then to cure my missing-Ayden-syndrome.


During the last visit to the MHN, she referred us to the Chiropractor as Ayden has a slight flat head. We are still thinking whether we should as it is not a major concern and is only a slight flat head. Chiropractors are not cheap at all each session is about $160! Maybe we will take him for one session just to see how bad the condition of his flat head. Gosh! We’ll see…

 Winter has been depressing! Extra cold, Extra emotional! Mum just had a few surgeries to her eyes due to her deteriorating Glaucoma and I really wish that I could be there for with her instead. To help around the house and such. Times like these really pulled my heart strings knowing my parents are really getting oldL. Raya is quite not as cheerful this year but we do what we can for Ayden. InsyaAllah we are able to spend Raya in Singapore next year.

We did had a few guests over during Ramadhan which was fun. We went sight seeing to several attractions and there were some that we’ve never been before. We even took a road trip to the snow ( yes with a 4 month old!) That was a bit of a distraction and a good road trip before I end my maternity leave ! Ramadan during winter is shorter too. 🙊 Sweet!

Because of the cold weather, everyone in the house was sick one after another and that includes Ayden too! We even bought a humidifier for our room to help and it did surprisingly! It helps all three of us to sleep so much better! We even had to smother (haha this is just an expression!)  Vicks on his two tiny feets, chest and back! Oh my I never thought I would use the Nasal Aspirator on Ayden, but I couldn’t stand his block nose and surprisingly how good he feels after when he can breathe properly! Alhamdulillah he is so much better now!

I am trying to get the husband to wake up early on the weekends! So we can go out and spend some quality time! Being away at work sucks big time and trying to make up lost time is my excuse.

Oh boy #woesofaworkingmother they say!

Top 10 Things That Makes Motherhood a tad easier!

1. Bums Barrier Spray aka Spray on Nappy Cream by Nenni and Tom $24.95

Seriously, noone had the time shoving cream on baby’s bottom when you need to change diapers in 3 secs before bubs get hysterical!

2. Wondersuit (Two way Zips are a lifesaver!) by Bonds $39.95 (Bonds often have sales like 2 for $39 Wondersuits or alternatively can just pop by their Outlet stores for better cheaper deals too!)


The zip wondersuit in comfy stretchy cotton and cute prints with a 2-way zip!

The two-way zip feature means you can change busy bubs fast!

It has a protective zip cover so baby’s skin stays safe and fold over cuffs on feet for extra warmth and comfort.

Cosy cuff fold over mittens also prevent new bubs from scratching during the night (mittens available from size 0000 to 0).

No need for mittens or socks and changing bub can never get any easier! Win! We love anything Bonds!

3. Colic Calm $24.99

Ayden was a windy baby. He cries each time when he tries to poop or fart. It was a nightmare on those long nights when he keeps crying and we have done all we can! This. This my friend was our saviour. Mentally, physically and sanity!

We chose this to aid his gas problems, colic and even hiccups (yes those annoying high pitch ones!) below is the main reason why we got it as compared to the other gripe water in the market.

 100% Natural.
 No Side Effects, but very effective in treating Colic, Reflux, Hiccups and Infant Gas.
Completely free of alcohol, sugar, simethicone, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), herbal oils and extracts, wheat, gluten, soy, dairy, and animal products.

4. Cetaphil Baby Lotion $9.99


At one stage Ayden was having a rashes on his cheeks, we have got no idea if it was caused by milk or heat or just plain eczema. We started to clean his face with cold water using cotton balls and apply Cetaphil Daily Lotion and it clears up! Alhamdulillah 👆🏼we have been using this ever since for his whole body! Such a great moisturiser without leaving any sticky residue! I love Cetaphil products! We’ll be trying their body wash and shampoo next!

5. Ergobaby 360 Carrier, $229



If you’re planning to travel without bringing your stroller, Ergobaby is your go to carrier! They recently released Ergobaby Adapt, however, we have not try that out yet since we just got the 360 carrier and love it, we will be using this for a while. When we were in the hot and humid KL and Singapore, Ayden sleeps peacefully in his carrier despite the heat. The carrier was a saviour, it was very comfortable and easy to wear! Most importantly, no backaches! I can carry him around all day in it! We did had an issue with the infant insert as it was quite tight for him, in the end we didn’t end up using it for the trip just the cushion, which you can just roll your swaddles/blanket as a base to push Bub up as an alternative. Love my Ergobaby! Such a great investment!

6. Curash Wipes


When Ayden was born, we were lucky to have been gifted with several necessities including diapers and wet wipes. We’ve tried most of the brands even! From Gaia to Coles Little Explorers, we love the Curash wipes! It was thick and very moist! And the best among all we’ve tried! There’s a couple of wipes that is a No No straightaway for giving Ayden nappy rash and even cuts! Not a happy jan for sure! We usually get them from Chemist Warehouse and if we are lucky when Babies R Us has its sale! We usually stock it up by buying the  box of 6 x 80 = 480 Wet Wipes when they are on sale usually $14-$15. We don’t pay anything more than that.

Curash Fragrance Free Baby Wipes are developed with your baby’s delicate skin in mind and the makers of Curash ensure they’re:

  • Soap free
  • Alcohol free
  • Fragrance free
  • pH balanced
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Kind to sensitive skin

7. Rosken Dry Skin Repair Cream $7.95


Ayden has been suffering from Cradle Cap, it gets really flaky and dry. He has been scratching his head non stop, of course with all the red scratch marks and sometimes bleeding too! So we tried Cetaphil, it moist but it wasn’t moist enough for his cradle cap and we even got an overpriced cradle cap oil for $30 which doesn’t help either! Before i rush out to get the Mustela Cradle Cap shampoo which would cost us $20 a bottle, we tried Rosken. We’ve always had that in the bathroom, everyone in the family uses it especially during winter when the air is so dry! After 2 applications, no more flakes, his head is moist and not dry. And he wasn’t scratching as much as well! It was great! Saves us money too!

8. Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Feeding Bibs 2 pack $9.99


Ayden is at the stage where he drools and drools and drools! He started drooling heaps at 3 months! The extra absorbent dribble catcher helps a lot  and he hasn’t suffered a neck rash from all the drooling! It may not be the best looking ones like those Nuby bandana teething bib which i love heaps but don’t absorb really well. This works and i don’t have to change it every now and then when i put this on for Ayden!

9. Milton Antibacterial 30 Tablets $7.70


This pretty much sums up why it is awesome and saves me heaps of time! Especially when traveling, no-one can be bothered to boil the bottles or even bring the steriliser with you. This tablet is all you need. I even use the solution to sterilise Ayden’s toys, well whatever he puts in his mouth really.

Milton Antibacterial Tablets provide hospital grade disinfection in only 15 minutes. Clinically proven to kill 99.9% of germs. No need to boil or rinse and no residual taste remains. Ideal for disinfecting baby feeding accessories, breast pump parts, bottles, soothers, teething rings, small plastic toys, bowls, plastic cutlery, to name a few. Only 2 tablets are required to make 4L of antibacterial solution. Milton sterilising solution is reusable for up to 24 hours.

10. Maxi Cosi Mico AP Infant Car Capsule $399

Ayden literally loves to be in there, we can put him in and out of the car seat easily and clicked onto the pram (you may need to get the suitable adaptors according to your pram) without any hassle! Don’t even have to wake him up (you’ll soon realise it is the most important thing!)

It is indeed quite pricey but definitely recommend to just hire it as they can only use it for the first six months.

Other worthy items;

  • Closer to Nature Bottle Warmer

This wasn’t really a need. But oh wells waking up in the wee hours of the morning trying to make a bottle all while you’re half asleep was no joke!

So this really helps without the use of thermal flask and all the different bottles of water. In all honesty, if this wasn’t on sale on for $19.90 i don’t think i will purchase it. Like i said it was more of a want due to convenience.

  • Breast Pump – Medela Swing


Due to my low supply issues, Ayden refused to latch as he never gets enough milk and get fussy all the time. Indeed Breastpumps are a saviour. After using the Medela Swing which i got as a gift fortunately, it wasn’t bad but i feel like it wasn’t extracting or draining my milk efficiently. Single pumping is also another (-) if you are exclusively pumping.


I’ve ordered a Spectra Breastpump and was pretty excited as i’ve heard such wonderful reviews on it. My milk has dried up unfortunately and relaxation failed for me. Thus didn’t end up utilising the Spectra 9+ as much as i want to. So for mum to be(s) i highly recommend that you buy a breast pump after you give birth, i knew mums who purchased prior to delivery and found that they do not need it after all  as they have tremendous supply and bubs latching on perfectly.

  • NUK Bottles and Pacifiers


Bottles are very tricky. I learnt during my pregnancy that no mums should stock up on bottles as their baby may not adapt well to that particular bottle. Fortunately again, i was gifted the Medela breastfeeding bottle set which includes the ever popular Calma Teat.

Ayden was having wind issues since Week 3. We never ever thought that the bottles were an issue. He began rejecting the Calma Teat and so we changed it to the Medela Slow Flow teats. He was drinking so well from it and we thought that it wasn’t caused by the bottles. Until his wind issues were getting too much and he was crying each time he needs to fart or poop. So as suggested by another fellow Mum, we decided to try the NUK bottles and being Disney freak parents, the bottles was a win!


The Anti Colic Air System is amazing and we can see such drastic difference in Ayden, his wind issues decreased largely. And he was more comfortable with the NUK bottles and pacifier.




25 weeks.

How amazing to see this little one growing week by week. God is indeed the all knowing and greatest. Alhamdullilah!

This is our Jellybean at 20 weeks! Thats exactly 5 weeks ago! He is definitely much bigger now and heavier too! Even a couple of people at work mentioned that i’ve popped out the past couple of weeks 😝

It never crossed my mind that i am ever going to go through a pregnancy journey of my own. I am always terrified of Labour. Oh gosh i know! There’s no way out now, haha! Been speaking heaps about my fear to my Gynae and fellow Preggo ladies. They have been such a pillar of support and such positive women. Indeed, like what Maryam went through;

23. And the pains of childbirth drove her to the trunk of a date-palm. She said: “Would that I had died before this, and had been forgotten and out of sight!”

24. Then [the baby Isa (Jesus) or Jibril (Gabriel)] cried unto her from below her, saying: “Grieve not: your Lord has provided a water stream under you.

25. And shake the trunk of date-palm towards you; it will let fall fresh ripe-dates upon you.

26. So eat and drink and be glad. And if you see any human being, say: ‘Verily! I have vowed a fast unto the Most Gracious (Allah) so I shall not speak to any human being this day’”

Quran (Surah Maryam, Verses 22-26)

Such a powerful Surah it still is to all women, a friend of mine and i will always remind each other to recite the Surah daily. I have been blessed with a supportive circle of friends who are not judgemental for any choices that I made or going to make. Who has always been exchanging tips and making sure that I am ok. ☺️