Driving… Finally!

Yay! So finally got the courage to contact the local driving school and bought a package for myself! Hoping that I could score my license before end of the year!

My true blue Aussie driving instructor took me by surprise with words like a**h*** and d***h*** every now then. But now I’m used to it.

This is definitely a big thing for me! Hoping I could ace them quickly but reality is I’m scared shitless in the driver’s seat!

Wish me luck!

Celebrity Crushes

*scrolling through Fattah’s Instagram*

We get too caught up with celebrity crushes, from what they are wearing to who they are dating so easily. Some may agree with me and some may not.

I go through phases; months at a time, i can be watching 4 Korean dramas on a weekly basis or i can be engrossed in a Malay/American drama daily. However, i can go months without watching any drama too!

I realised my infatuation with Korean or American celebrities usually takes a couple of months to die off, but i don’t even stalk them constantly on social media just the occasional Soompi or Enews goss or whatever that’s on my instagram newsfeed.

But for Malaysian celebrities, maybe because we are in the same racial/religion community. So we are easily influenced particularly of what they do or wear? If you get what I mean.

We stalked their social media, trying our best not to judge (but inevitably, as much as we deny,we do!) we check out the girls/guys they dated and how pretty or matchy they are, what/where they eat or hang out, who they are hanging out with and who designed the dress they are wearing.

After succumbing to peer pressure (because I’m a softie like that) I watched SHMP and fell head over heels with FA. Then I was so excited to know that #lofattah exists! Yay! Next minute, they’re not and fast forward to #fattzura Not a happy Jan! God knows why I had such a bitter reaction. I guess the whole chemistry of SHMP still clouding my mind.

Moreover, we even added Stalkers Cafe in our itinerary during our KL stopover to much of the husband’s resentment. Omg I know! I don’t even know why I did what I did. It was a Sunday, we knew he wouldn’t be there (his insta story say so! Filming a telemovie #fattzura again!) so a lil disappointed but was hoping his cafe would do justice. Omg since we ordered our deserts and have them served. None of the waiters smiled at us, seems very bleh atmosphere to me. The desserts we got was waffles that was just… Wasn’t good experience at all.

Time to unfollow so many unnecessary celebrities. Goodbye Fattah Amin.

#AydenAdventures – MEL ICN SIN – Flights

First and foremost, to the mummies or daddies who have travelled with your toddlers on long haul flights by yourselves.

Come I clap for you!πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ*salutes*

This post is just going to touch on the most struggles I have traveling with Ayden which are mainly the flights. Everything else was manageable!  

Since the hubs couldn’t take leave, I thought it would be a great adventure for Ayden and I to go back to Singapore and visit the fambam! I was looking at flight tickets and the cheapest direct flights was $1300 for Ayden and I. Maybe it was due to the Easter Holidays. Then, an idea struck maybe I can have a stopover in Seoul shop and see the cherry blossoms (since the husband is not a big fan!), well when else can I go to Seoul right? To my surprise, it only costed us $1100 from MEL – SIN(transit) – ICN – SIN – MEL on Singapore Airlines. I thought it was a great deal! So we booked it right away!


Weeks leading up to the travel date, I’ve become super nervous. I kept googling and pinteresting how parents deal with a toddler on long haul flights. Then I found out about a Quiet Book from a fellow mummy in my FB group. And I tried searching for it and realised how expensive it was. But I took it to the last minute, i cant even make it myself as we were running out of time and me working full time didn’t help either. So i went into Kidstuff at Westfield and ask if they sells them. Lucky me (i guess!) they have the last one in stock. My heart sank as the cashier kept my shiny $50 note into the register. πŸ’ΈπŸ’ΈπŸ’Έ


None of the major stores like Toys R Us, Target or KMart sells them! Booo. And i strongly urge mums to put together a Quiet book if you have time. There are even mother groups that creates quiet book together.

I found a great no sew Quiet book if any mums are interested! Well, in all honesty do we even have time to sew?

Spoke to a handful of mums from various groups, many packed a whole cabin bag of toys and whatnots and snacks for their lil tots. But traveling on my own, I don’t even have the capacity to carry so many bags on top of this “heavy” and active toddler of mine! 

Instead, I packed his Toddler Pack with heaps of snacks (yes Ayden is a big eater. If you have food, he’ll be right behind you!), a couple of play dough packs, an unused wallet with heaps of cards and zips, The Quiet Book, several sticker sheets and his favourite Peek A Boo book.”Boy that will suffice won’t it”, how wrong I was! You’ll read about it soon hehe

The Melissa And Doug book was given by a friend while we were in Singapore and it was super awesome! Ayden spends heaps of time on it on the flight back! You can find the whole range at Officeworks!

This Melissa & Doug On the Go Water Wow Book allows you to colour by painting with water. It features 4 reusable pages and a refillable water pen so you can continue drawing over and over again.


Additionally, Instead of bringing our BabyJogger, I bought a $20 Kmart stroller for the trip. I can’t risk them destroying my favourite stroller 😣! This umbrella stroller is super easy to fold and very light indeed. My mistake was not using this stroller all the way to the gate and instead I checked it in with our luggage. It could have saved me the energy of carrying Ayden all the way to the gate! As the day arrived,  my packed Herschel backpack was filled with milk powder, bottles. wet wipes,  diapers essentials, sweater, extra clothes and Ayden’s toddler pack and off we go to the airport!

As we got to the airport, we were given an aisle seat and we have a seat blocked for Ayden as all bassinet seats were taken. Yay! Although I must admit we knew this before hand as a kind soul Mama from our SG Mothers a Group pulled strings for us to get  extra seats where bassinet is unavailable. I thought i was being the smart mama and booked the evening flight to coincide with Ayden’s bedtime! Oh no no no! As we sat buckled in our seats praying that the third seat will be vacant, I looked around and prayed so hard that Ayden will be on his best behaviour. As the door shuts, I squealed knowing that we had the whole 2nd last row to ourselves!

Ayden was just very curious with the lights; with the people around him, the remote, the screen, EVERYTHING! And nope he did not sleep until the last three hours to the flight! It was the hardest! I gave him toys, I let him watch videos of himself on my phone, snacks after snacks, played his play dough , flip his peekaboo books like a zillion times and even his quiet book didn’t last him at all.

Then I muster up the courage to let him walk down the aisle, this was about 10PM AEST. Lights were dimmed and passengers were trying to tucked themselves to sleep. And this tiny little fingers decided it was fun to poke everyone sitting on the aisle as he happily strut down the aisle 😧 I scoop him up with such struggle and walked towards the back so he can walk around the galley which is a bad idea since it was busy! I was drained by this time! 

He was overtired and overstimulated. He kept hitting the monitor hence the person in front of us got annoyed. Then finally an air stewardess came to assist and entertained him while I dash to the bathroom! He played with the crew for a while and then I decided yes it’s enough for him a warm bottle of milk and tucked him to bed! This was 3 hours before we landed!

2AM SGT, it was a 2hour transit before our flight to Seoul. I let him walk around and made sure he exhausted himself! True as it is as we board our Singapore to Seoul Flight, he just slept through almost till we landed in Seoul! πŸ‘πŸΌ

Our flight from Seoul to Singapore was at 9am in the Morning. We were seated at the Bassinet Seat right in front of the Galley which is a horror! It was super noisy with chattering, laughters, slamming of trays and trolley!  I knew right then it was going to be a very bad flight! So Ayden had trouble sleeping due to the noises so he played, eat and watch TV. And finally asleep on me almost 1/2 of the flight. But it was a tiring flight to have him on my for 3.5hours! But I rather that than him walking around. He even played with his friend in the next bassinet! 

And finally our last sector back to Melbourne was a breeze. We were on the 7:45am flight. He slept as soon as breakfast were served and woke up playing with an older gentleman beside us. He was partially well behaved on the flight.  And nap again. It was great when we found out we actually landed 45mins earlier than expected! I wonder how we did that! 

Not all flights were horrible but it was very unpredictable how Ayden turns out in every flight and circumstance. Distractions and patience are the key! Personally, I won’t travel by myself with a 15mth old toddler again. Maybe I’ll distract him with an iPad next time which we are not used to since he doesn’t get screen time at home. Maybe in the future I will when Ayden can talk and we both can understand each other. It’ll be heaps easier!



I decided to embark on #projectpan and #empties to motivate myself on finishing up Β  Β the large amount of skincare products and my make up products too before purchasing new ones or trying new brands.

In saying that, I have two toners; Chanel and Etude House, that I hardly use, if I even remember to! My skincare routine is as shocking as me rushing to work with damp hair every morning! 😫

And this itchy fingers HAD to open another facial toner; Mustika Ratu, that was given to me as my postpregnancy gift almost a year ago now! My excuse was that the weather has been merciless hot the past few weeks and the cucumber infused toner just seems refreshing! And so now I have three opened toners and one unopened toner that I usually stock up from Etude House whenever I head back to Singapore!

So how now, brown cow! Time to start using them all up!

It’s a little bit different with my make up stash! I believe that when a product matches my skin tone in terms of colour and affordability with minimal or no effects on my skin; I’ll stick to it.

There’s several of those spur of the moment purchases that I am not too proud of! Like last week, been reading reviews how Maybelline Dream Velvet that’s pretty much comparable and some say it’s better than the Nars Velvet Matte Tint. So yup it was on sale for the half price so I grabbed that and the sensational Mascara just because.

Unfortunately i broke out after a few days! And the Mascara is just so hard to take it off! So disappointed and money be gone! If anyone wants them, please let me know…

Yay! Finally finished my Nars tint! And thank you Hanna for helping me replace it with a new tube! I’ve tried a few drugstore tint like the Maybelline Dream Velvet and nothing come close, not even my all time favourite Garnier BB cream.

Till my next progress!

#AliAnaFamille ~ Tasmania Part 3

Current view: Ayden playing in the backyard with his Grandparents. Priceless!

Since its the long weekend i will complete these series of our Tasmania trip! Everyday routine is work-home-Ayden-Ali(sometimes!)-sleep-work and the cycle goes round again, i hardly had time for myself, hence not even blogging. I finally broke the cycle last Friday by attending Justin Bieber’s concert, but ill save that post for another day.

On our second last day of the trip, we drove down to Freycinet Peninsula, unfortunately we didn’t have the time to stop by Swansea! What a shame! Would love to try out the Fish Van and Berries Farm Waffles! But the view of the Wineglass Bay is just magnificent so it was all worth it! The entry pass to the Freycinet National park per vehicle (up to 8 people) is $24 daily which can be bought online or at the entrance of the park as well. Supposedly one of the short walks to the Wineglass Bay lookout, Armed with our infants in the carrier, we hike our way up with a few visitors coming up to us wishing us all the best! We embraced the well wishes, tawakkal and head on! πŸ™‚

Its no easy walk with two infants! but them Daddies did a very good job! It takes us about 1.5 hours to complete the walk! There were parts of the walk that’s quite a challenge with two infants!

Upon reaching the peak, the view was magnificent. It was worth all the hike! Surprisingly, there was a lost wallaby at the lookout finding for food. Super adorable! Because we started the day late, by the time we finished the hike was close to five and most of the groceries store are starting to close, so we rushed to Tasmanian Coastal Seafoods to get some fresh seafood to cook in for dinner. Unfortunately, it was quite late in the afternoon so we are just left with whatever seafood that they have. Still we cooked up a feast!


The next morning we head out early to visit the Salamanca Market in Hobart City. Unknown to us was the traffic and how busy the city was. Long story short we missed our flight by a few minutes! 😦

Salamanca Market has such a great tassie feeling to it. At some point, it actually breaks me to take a breather, to slow down and to admire what’s here and now. I was amassed by their fresh produce from Jams to Honey 🍯 Apparently, their creamed Leatherwood Honey from one of the stalls are pretty famous and was sold out by the time we got there! of course, they were all bought off by a large group of Chinese tourist! But I end up having a taste of it and I can understand why! Such relish! As we are running out of time, we rushed back to our car and drove to the airport! Ali knew we wouldn’t make it in time. But I was a lil more positive. As we reached the airport, I rushed to the check in counter and was told that if I had checked in bags, we won’t make it but if I don’t I can just board the plane! Damn oh wells!

So we ended up eating at a local seafood place and enjoy every last bits that Tasmania got to offer from our favourite Sparkling Apple Juices, Scallop Pies

Overall it was such a great trip and it was the first time we travelled with another couple with an infant! It was a challenge because I am an anal planner. Yup I admit it! I planned my trips before hand and get pretty urge when things don’t go to plab but then I realised traveling with babies and children, well you can’t expect things to go into plan really. You just have to take it an hour at a time and see how they go. Especially on road trips and being buckled into car seats for hours! Expect a lot of detours and a lot of stops but hey any stops in Tasmania is worth it! 😁