Ayden’s Learning Adventures

So this is the 5th week of ISO. On the third week of ISO, I vow for a change! I named it Ayden’s Learning Adventure! Just the sound of an adventure, pumped him up!

Day 1 was a disaster! I got to laugh it out looking back on that day. I was going through 7 Alphabets with him in an hour! Much to some of my teacher friends dismay, they said, “Ermmmm we do an alphabet or two a week! And you do 7 in an hour! This is not Singapore LOL” I realised I was never meant to be a teacher that day! My patience went from 100 to 0 in less than 15mins!

Ambitious Lion Mum

With the help of fellow mums, we got some resources for Ayden in Numeracy and Alphabets. I don’t think I ever memorised as much Letterland Songs as I ever did now. The past three weeks we just focused on 3 Alphabets, 2 numbers and heaps of colours and shapes. (also the fact that my workload has been crazy!) Can you tell which is his favourite.

After three weeks, he knows that for an hour or two at 12pm every day except for weekends we’ll do something academic and he looks forward to them. Thank God!

Also we did end up doing an IKEA run (Mummy needs some IKEA therapy too) because Ayden needs his own desk; we grabbed some paint, markers and drawing paper while we are at it and try to make the environment more conducive for him.

Thankful for E Learning that his Kinder organised daily at 1:30pm so I can catch up on my emails too!
Sometimes, KMART creative sets makes life’s easier when I have back to back meetings! $5 each!

We try to do one theme at a time be it alphabets or numbers and we will chat or reference to that particular theme the whole day. Thank you to my teacher friends for all your advice! Ayden doesn’t seem to be overwhelmed. And also not forgetting my amazing mummy friends who constantly forward us worksheets and links, thank you for all the love! We appreciate it!

I’m slow to this, we stumbled upon a Play-Doh app that allows them to have their creations as the main star or their obstacle game. So Cool! pprettyamazing! Play-Doh touch.

Since Autumn is here, we use the brown leaves to make up the Alphabets. It’s beautiful when you try to incorporate the environment around you with your activities.

I find some of my friends pitched their tents for Easter, that’s totally awesome! And got their kids doing heaps of fun stuff with crafts and dance. We just got to do what we have to do and with all the resources we have.

The downside of this is sometimes I find myself wide awake at night trying to find materials and resources for the our next learning session. #mumlife

Here’s to many learning adventures indoor and outdoor!


Mum Guilt

With a 4 year old preschooler, I try to make everything into an adventure or he’s never going to get into it. To be honest, working from home and juggling this cheeky boy of mine, can be quite a handful especially when you want to smash those never ending emails or the calls that make you crack your brain like literally! But this too shall soon pass and I’m taking this opportunity to spend as much time and effort I can to make the best out of this unfortunate pandemic event to feel what it’s like to be a SAHM ( which I must I admit, I’ve been wanting to be each time when work gets very stressful!) and now I am.

Every morning. #wokeuplikethis

First two weeks working from home, I must admit working in pjs are all fun for a change but it comes with negatives. I was trying to juggle workload, answering this little curious mind questions about the world, and really just trying to keep everything under control. But it’s such an abrupt change to everyone: to the organisation, we were still trying to figure out how to work out things and how to overcome our work hurdles.

So here goes my mum guilt, is me feeding Ayden screen time after screen time in between his “role play” with his toys session and trying to sneak in some play dough and kinetic sand play while I work. We had Disney Plus in the background almost the whole day. Because it is convenient! There I said it!

There are also days that I rushed to Kmart to get some games to occupy his time and trying to get Art supplies but by this time, the government has already announced that they are bringing forward the school holidays so Mums are cleaning out the shelves at Kmart and Officeworks of the art supplies and board games aisle! So managed to get some books, Hungry Hippo (secretly I want one too!) and that old school fishing game which Ayden absolutely love! But like any child, his attention span is short. We have to keep moving from one thing to another.

We do go for walks in the evenings and I try to get him out and about after I shut my computer down. Sometimes when it’s a good day, we head out during lunchtime in the backyard to do a little bit of “grounding”.

At the end of the day, we try to be the best we can be, although our best is less than perfect in the view of others. I think it’s perfectly fine during this time to feel the way we are feeling; Confused, Scared, Uncertain… it’s not easy in difficult times like these but it’s also important to show these children that it is okay and we get through this. Do what do you as long as these lil ones are showered, fed, happy and knowing that we are physically there with them. Here’s to all mums working from home. You are amazing and keep doing you!


Week 3.

Currently playing: Lost in Japan by Shawn Mendes

Week 3 of working from home. It has been such a roller coaster of emotions. Anxiety levels has been running high, the constant news from different sources, the confusing messages from all over, the insecurities and uncertainties. On top of this juggling work which has been quite full on and trying to overcome this mom guilt of feeding Ayden with Disney Plus, multiple screen times to keep him occupied while I try to get through my work and getting him away from everyone else who’s busy working from home (Full House!). Now, Kind of regretting not bringing my second screen home. Felt like my efficiency level went down by 50%!

We have been keeping Ayden in since we started working from home three weeks ago. It was a hard decision for me personally because I knew how much Ayden enjoys school and that he misses all his friends a lot especially his best friend Braydon and Nolan. It was quite difficult to explain to him the situation in a way that he can understand. Into the second week, he begins to accept; I guess a new-ish routine. And that is “Mummy…Can you…?” Or “Mummy!!!” And this goes on the entire day! So this Mummy have to hide when in Zoom meetings or Conference Calls.

So today I have been super ambitious. On top of month’s end reports (thank God it didn’t fall on a Monday!) to submit, I planned on a learning adventure of going through an alphabet a day with Ayden. Learning from my mistakes yesterday of going through 7 alphabets in one day which shocked the likes of my teacher friends! I followed their advice and do an alphabet a day. I’ll post about our learning adventures another day. It’s just hilarious!

And we made COOKIES to end our fruitful day! I called it stress baking!

I must say, this recipe is for keeps if you like your cookies crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside! Super easy to make if you have a little cheeky preschooler like mine to be your assistant. Click on the photo for recipe deets!