ISO 2.0 Week 13 – The one where some of the restrictions are lifted.

This week has been intense. Never-ending packing, moving, cleaning, shoving, throwing and donating. It’s also been the week we have been looking forward to for the past four months since we got the keys to our new place.

Anxiety starts creeping in full blast, it has been exciting yet I have this blanket of doubt, of sadness, of fear, just not knowing what’s going to be like. A lot of adapting, relearning, conform and just slowly easing into a routine.

Hatice came to comfort me the first week we moved in. I was so moved to tears! indeed Allah send me the best of friends I could ask for.

We are slowly reorganising stuff, sorting out more things and trying to get what’s missing for the house. Alhamdulillah it’s slowly coming together. This lil one has been super excited about his room, we let him choose his bedsheets to encourage him to sleep on his own. Alhamdulillah he’s adapting so well, great effort even when he come into bed with us about 6am every the morning.

Ayden is also warming up having play dates with friends he hadn’t seen since last year as a matter of fact! He had been so active, super excited playing with his friends

The one where Zakh came over to visit!

Fact is that I don’t have many big pots so I ended up cooking most stuff in my Pressure cooker the biggest pot I have! So our first meal in the house, I cooked braised beef ribs. It was a very hearty meal indeed. Ayden gives me a two thumbs up for that!

Alhamdulillah little did I know, he fulfilled my Duas one at a time, at a given time and place. Indeed Allah is the best of planners. It took us 4 years for a place to call our own. May Allah protect our family and our home at all times. Amin.

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