Vaccinated. Almost.

If you know me very well, i hate needles. I do wonder how i get through pregnancy and labor back then with daily pricks. I knew i wanted to get vaccinated, but just the thought of needles made me cringe. Alhamdullilah, Work presented me an opportunity to get vaccinated and i did, to be honest, I’m so glad i did it with my best colleague. Well he did see me through most of the flu jabs for the past 7 years! My anxiety hits the roof! Glad he’s there doing it with me, such a good support buddy! And that lady doctor was so good, i didn’t even notice the needle was in me, all i knew that it was over when she said its done! Glad it was over and now lets await for our second dose.

It was Abah’s birthday yesterday, was salivating at the food spread my siblings ordered. How i miss Otak-Otak, Rojak Mamak, everything! Managed to facetime a little and I’m sure seeing Ayden’s face made his day. I know how much he couldn’t wait for borders to open so he could fly over. And i am too praying hard that we will eventually! InsyaAllah we will all reunite soon.

I find myself cooking my favorite Singapore local food whenever i miss home, particularly Fried Fish Bee Hoon soup with Extra milk! Can never get enough to be honest. I’ll document this recipe here. So i can stop scouring the internet for recipes that feeds my liking.

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