I decided to embark on #projectpan and #empties to motivate myself on finishing up    the large amount of skincare products and my make up products too before purchasing new ones or trying new brands.

In saying that, I have two toners; Chanel and Etude House, that I hardly use, if I even remember to! My skincare routine is as shocking as me rushing to work with damp hair every morning! 😫

And this itchy fingers HAD to open another facial toner; Mustika Ratu, that was given to me as my postpregnancy gift almost a year ago now! My excuse was that the weather has been merciless hot the past few weeks and the cucumber infused toner just seems refreshing! And so now I have three opened toners and one unopened toner that I usually stock up from Etude House whenever I head back to Singapore!

So how now, brown cow! Time to start using them all up!

It’s a little bit different with my make up stash! I believe that when a product matches my skin tone in terms of colour and affordability with minimal or no effects on my skin; I’ll stick to it.

There’s several of those spur of the moment purchases that I am not too proud of! Like last week, been reading reviews how Maybelline Dream Velvet that’s pretty much comparable and some say it’s better than the Nars Velvet Matte Tint. So yup it was on sale for the half price so I grabbed that and the sensational Mascara just because.

Unfortunately i broke out after a few days! And the Mascara is just so hard to take it off! So disappointed and money be gone! If anyone wants them, please let me know…

Yay! Finally finished my Nars tint! And thank you Hanna for helping me replace it with a new tube! I’ve tried a few drugstore tint like the Maybelline Dream Velvet and nothing come close, not even my all time favourite Garnier BB cream.

Till my next progress!


As i got older, i realised my make up bag is getting bigger and bigger but not until i reorganised my cosmetics and cleaned my brushes only then i realised that half of the cosmetics i have was not used or rarely being used too. 

Again with my mantra at the back of my mind, If you have not used or worn an item for the last 6 months, time to toss them in the bin or charity basket! 

My beauty must haves! (everything else is out!)

I still prefer the Naked Palette 1 of the 3! Love the colours and it is indeed long lasting! Also must remind myself too, to get the Basics when i head up to New York in November! The one one i am missing!

My ultimate favourite blush! Ideal for all seasons and a highlighter when you in need of a glowy summer! =))

How can i not have my korean cosmetics in my list! Etude House curling mascara is awesome! Love it! It curls, no clumps or mess, easy to wipe off! so what’s not to love! I don’t have much korean cosmetics but i have heaps of korean skincare! haha

This product was recommended to me by my very own good friend who is also a beauty editor. I’ve tried a lot of BB creams in the market which are most Korean brands like Skin 79 and etc. Garnier. hmmm it never cross my mind at all. Local supermarkets such as Coles and Woolworths usually have them on sale for $10 every three months so why not try it right? Bought it on sale, applied it, fell in love with in and rush back to the supermarket and bought another one to stock up! And it has been my favourite every since.. Recommended to a couple of friends who loved it as it wasn’t oily or cakey and really easy to apply! It pretty much look pretty natural but with a little bit of coverage!

Korean Beauty Products in Melbourne is Daylight Robbery!


How hard is it to stock up BB Cream in Melbourne! When all they do is jack up the price to $20 more than the usual price!

Thank god i’ve chance upon a website which sells all the beauty products i need

AND express shipping to Australia too

Most importantly, the prices are affordable; 


Simply Awesome!