Glucose Tolerance Test is what it means.

For those of whom who knows me, will know how terrified i am of Needles! Yup i am a scaredy cat! This test will conclude your sugar levels and see if you’ve got what the call Gestational Diabetes if your sugar levels soar high!

Well that happened. So you will fast for 10 hours the night before and came in for the test first thing in the morning. They will get a testube of your blood sample before getting you to drink 75ml of pure glucose liquid (erghhhh it was too sweet but not as bad as i thought it will be!), an hour later they will get another testube of blood sample and wait another hour for another testube. Altogether it takes 2.5hours and 3 needles poking your veins for the overall test! I was quite proud of myself for going through it!

Two days later got a call from the Gynae office and was told that my Sugar levels was high and hence they had to refer me to an Endocrinologist. I was bummed out! But most people say its more of diet plans and pricking fingers to monitor glucose levels 4 times a day! 😩 

Indeed, my nightmare came true when she told me just that! Spend 3 hours going through diet changes, pricking fingers and explanations after explanations. So i switched my daily jasmine rice meals to Basmati rice! Bought heaps of banana and apples! Also low gi bread for my daily toast breakfast and no sugar added yogurt for snacks. 

Oh wells, on a brighter note i am on to my 27th week! Super exciting and at the same time nerve wrecking! The photo below was taken last week! Mummy will try her hardest to provide the best for you baby! Can’t wait to have you in my arms 😘