We have been eating out so regularly since i started my Maternity Leave. I love cooking but these days it just takes heaps of effort. And additionally my strong nesting instincts kicked in more than my desire for kitchen escapades.

Teethering between my Singapore Mummys whatsapp group and Melbourne Mummy Facebook group, women from all sorts of ages,background, moms and first time moms filled this group with their births, their rants, their worries and experiences. It’s really good but at the same time i do have my worries. Well what do you expect right from an excited first time mom who have no clue about labour and recovery and at the same time anxiety attacks floods through her mind every now and then! ☝🏼 yes i do balls my eyes out at nights, even hubs don’t ask anymore as he knows im more afraid for what comes may!

But there’s times (like now!) i have thoughts where i am like how will we ever prepare ourself? How do we know we have prepared ourself enough? And then there’s Redha and Tawakkal. Where we accept what Allah has and will provide for us and our trust in him that whatever he bestow upon us is the best for us and what he made us missed is for our own good.

We are 38+2 today! They say its just a waiting game for now! But for us, it still is a waiting game but we will be heading to the hospital tomorrow night to be induced. Its really nerve wrecking. Here i am praying hard that the gel or whatnots works on me and my body will react successfully. InsyaAllah πŸ˜‡ And we can see our lil bundle of joy in the next couple of days πŸ‘ΆπŸ½

The husband reminded me to do all my errands (he knows i will always have something to do! No matter what! I just like keeping myself busy!) today, so ill be able to relax and be calm before heading to the hospital tomorrow. So i guess last laundry for me to do today, dusting here and there, maybe have an ice cream treat at The Pines. Originally wanted to have a pedicure, but the husband decided to help me cut my toenails instead πŸ™Š thats the first ever time! I feel so loved 😍

This might be my last post before the baby comes. Please keep us in your prayers.

May Allah have mercy on us and may He make my delivery and recovery as safe as possible, smooth and painless. Amin.