#driverconfessions #2

Been driving to work daily. It’s been exhausting I must admit!

All I can say is…

If you’re on the right lane, the least you can drive is on the speed limit if you’re going to be slower than the speed limit just go to the middle. lane.

#driverconfessions #1

Finally got my licence! Yeay!

It takes me more than a decade, to get with it. If you really know me, driving is my least favourite and clearly the lowest priority for me. I guess I still have that Singapore mindset in me, if there’s public transport in the area, we are good.

I wish you could see and feel what I have achieved so far, Mak.

So my first #driverconfessions will be…

Do not tailgate!



MasyaAllah I have been blessed with friends who has been nothing short of amazing and generous.

A few weeks ago, Mira and Ery surprised me with a Taiyaki pan! It’s been sitting in my eBay cart for the longest time! but I didn’t really see a need for it to checkout. Thank you Mira and Ery! We love it! More tea time treats!

Yesterday we pulled it out and make it! I’m not a big fan of red bean. So I decided to make my favourite cheese Taiyaki!

It came out amazing! I used the recipe from Chopstick Chronicles. Link is here. The only thing I change is using cake flour instead of plain flour. And I was too impatient to let it rest for 30mins. So I just did it anyways and it turns out great!



Tomorrow, she would have been 74. The most strong willed woman Ill ever love. Oh, the things I regret. Things I would do sooner if I knew.

The places I wish I could take you to visit, that pilgrimage I knew you’re longing to go again, the house I wish you could see that I build and live with me, the hugs that I missed and the sound of your voice for the daily life reminders that keeps me grounded.

I wish I could rewind time. I wish I did more for you. I wish I spend more time with you. There’s so many things I wish and the list of things I want to do with you. But He loves you more.

It’s been such a struggle this year, sometimes when I’m listening to songs or watch a sad episode, I’ll start crying thinking of you, multiple times I find myself wiping my tears on the morning train rides to work. I miss you. A lot. I will hear the recordings of our convos and watch the videos of you. Only to find myself more vulnerable than I thought then to ease my heart.

Oh Mak, They said Grief takes time. For me, I think I’ll be living with this guilt for a long time.

Al Fateha Atmah Binte Abdullah