Count your Blessings.

Besides cooking, my only therapy to keep my tired self awake and busy is to blog. Some will tell me to just rest and just enjoy sleeping as much as I can. But I feel so restless all the time, all these sleeping/napping made me feel that I am wasting my time away and I know I will regret it later when the baby comes along.

Now that it is daylight savings, I feel like there’s so much things to do. I like my sunshine, the warmth, the long days and short nights. Hate winter in Melbourne, so cold and gloomy. Mundane and so miserable. We usually have take outs every Wednesday, more like a rest day for me. So the lovely Father in Law will get dinner for the us on the way home from work. On a normal weekday, I would rush home after work to cook dinner, rest, perform Maghrib prayers and then eat dinner. That’s my daily routine. I must admit, although i am used to it all, it is quite tiring sometimes. At times like this, i am very grateful to have understanding In laws and husband.

On Fridays, we usually head out for dinner. And on weekends, we usually eat out or cook noodles or something simple. or Just finish leftovers from the week. On a good Sunday, I’ll prep for the weekday dinners but in my current condition, i must say i have been a little lazy 😛

On a good note, we have been heading out together a lot. Oh wells not like we hadn’t before, but you know we don’t plan things for others anymore, just doing our own thing and spending lots of quality time together. I think it is indeed healthy before the arrival of the little one. As i get older i think more about Time VS Money. I have heaps of friends who work overtime for the extra money but they spend heaps of time away from home; at work. Insya Allah we don’t have to go through it in the future, but i always believe no matter how much extra money you make, you can never buy time lost with your loved ones.

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