Los Angeles Part 5

3 days left before we head home.

Started off the day with breakfast at iHop before sending the cousin off to the Airport! We head down to Hollywood Boulevard again to Madame Tussauds since we are in the area, purchased the tickets online prior as it is much cheaper than buying at the desk. We bought it 5 minutes before we entered! Quite last minute… i must say!


After doing some last minute shopping, we ended up catching Jim Carrey doing a Haircutting Stint for Jimmy Kimmel Live and also promoting his then new movie Dumb and Dumber To. Which was really cool to see him live! He was indeed aging but he’s still hilarious!

Across the road, there was a red carpet event so we end up at the front row to see what’s the fuss is all about! It was for a promotion for Fox Catcher! And Steve Carell was there and he was signing autograph right infront of us! Pretty disappointed that Channing Tatum didn’t show up tho! 😦

On the way back to Anaheim, we stopped by at the Citadel Factory Outlets in LA (5100 Citadel Drive), we shopped a bit (Well we gave ourselves 1 hour to shop!) before getting to Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles for dinner! It was then the time to pack our luggage!

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The next day we head out to do the Warner Brother’s Studio Tour, we got this last minute tickets through their website. If you’re any tv and movies lover, you’ll love this tour! We love the TV series ‘Friends’ so fair enough we love being on the set! It was great! We get to go to different talk show sets, i love being on the set of Ellen, although we can never get tickets for the show! They also had the new Batman memorabilia exhibition, everything from the first Batman movie to the last one! So the husband was in awe!


We headed to the Lakers game after! It was amazing, got to see Kobe and Jeremy in real life! The atmosphere was great! Spotted Rebel Wilson on the courtside and heard rumours that Fabulous was there too! Definitely a must do when you’re in LA!

P1030004 _1020857

Our last day in LA, we’ve decided to do a last minute shopping at Walmart in Anaheim before I spotted the gigantic Forever 21 Outlet! But it was too late to get more stuff as our luggage are all packed up! Booooo! Right after we bought the essentials, we did do a bit of celebrity spotting in Malibu. Malibu Country Mart to be precise!

Trying not to be touristy! We spotted Kourtney Kadarshian and Scott! I am not really a big fan but it was nice to see them in person. We take the day nice and slow strolling around Malibu and cruising down the highway. It was a perfect day!

Before we head to the airport, we went to Churros Calientes for the greatly reviewed Spanish desserts. If you’re in Santa Monica, don’t miss this! You definitely have to try the Churros here! Don’t bother buying the churros at the Pier as its not worth it and doesn’t even taste good at all! The café is pretty small hence seats are limited! We came here about 6ish and the place is slowly filling up. The café owner was so friendly and very accommodating. The atmosphere was awesome! If you’re not really all into chocolate, stick to the churros as the Hot chocolate can be quite thick and rich! Will highly recommend any travellers going to Santa Monica!

After living out of a luggage for 3 weeks, I was actually ready to come home. Till next time US!

Los Angeles Part 2


We spend our 3rd day strolling along Hollywood Boulevard and Cruising to Santa Monica! We managed to get cheap Los Angeles, Celebrity homes & Hollywood Sign Tour tickets on GroupOn LA! What a bargain and it was amazing especially the celebrity LA homes of Ellen, Bruno, Katy, Michael Jackson, Johnny Depp and more!


Visited The Chinese Theatre and rack up a storm at Victoria’s Secret and H&M! Not forgetting the husband’s craze with the Lid’s Caps! It was crowded and you have all these impersonators who will want to take photos with you! DONT! you have to pay them if you do! We’ve witnessed a lot of arguments after a fun photo taking when tourists just walked away and these impersonators caused chaos demanding tourists for tips/payment. So be careful!


Just before the sunsets, we made our way to Santa Monica! It was a beautiful setting against the sunset backdrop! We had delicious Mexican dinner by the pier! It was such a great end to our Sunday! We did rush back to the hotel and pile on all the luggage into the car, we squeezed through every space we had in the car so that we don’t have to make multiple trips! We did it!


From a bad stay at Sheraton Downtown LA, we moved up to Desert Palms Hotel & Suites! We had 6 massive luggage and when we arrived after a long day, we found out that they don’t provide porter service so we had to get the trolley ourselves and get all our luggage up to our room! This is the first ever hotel I’ve been to and did not provide such service!

On a positive note is that the area is safe, 10 minutes walk to Disneyland and California Adventure. Across the road is CVS Pharmacy and Coffee Bean. Walking to distance to various restaurants. 10 minutes drive to Anaheim Plaza which boasts a 24 hour Walmart, the gigantic Forever 21 and other stores!

In house dryer and washing machines that cost about $4 per cycle each which can be quite handy for families or when you are travelling for a week! You are entitled to free wifi and make your own waffles for breakfast too which can run out pretty quickly as families usually swarmed the buffet early in the mornings! Free Carpark as well!