Yup… & then there were three!

Yes so finally, at 22 weeks we decided to announce that we are expecting to the world. I discovered something while we are keeping things under the wraps, we decided to tell bits and pieces to some people due to each circumstance. A couple in our circle of friends getting hitched next year and she wanted me to be part of the wedding, I said yes and had to turn down and deliver this news as we were not even sure if we will be able to fly out for their Wedding next year. There’s a handful of people we met while I was in Singapore and decided we share the news with them, why? because we won’t be seeing them for a while at least for a year till we head back to Singapore again. There’s a few who figured out from what I have been craving and how I look. but despite the point, I will never deny if anyone were to ask.

The worst of it all was when we didn’t tell some of them “friends”, it may be our fault. but wait a minute! You don’t share your milestones with me but you are angry and disappointed that I didn’t share mine with you. If you were to ask me, I would gladly tell you. Then again, such annoying bullsh*t does happens and its just humans. And what I came to realise is that through all this, I don’t even have to explain myself becauseI WILL tell who, when and what I want to tell especially if its about my LIFE!  Careless about what people think as they were never there when we needed them in the first place. Apart from that “drama”, I think we did well as a team!

As much as I am excited, I am also terrified how I’ll be able to cope with my labour. As friends who knew me well, that I don’t deal with pain very well. We shall see about what’s about to unfold, prayers and blessings are definitely most welcome. The husband and I are very thrilled to welcome a baby boy in 4 months! And we have been working hand in hand getting things done and prepped for our tiny challenger. Please keep us in your prayers! For all the love that have been outpoured, the constant prayers and the utmost positive energy that has been instilled since the announcement, we are such blessed parents-to-be to have such wonderful friends! 🙂