Oh my how time flies! 1 week until the D-Day! Or Eviction day! My heart is racing, anxiety attacks of the unknown and just super nervous!

Yup! Thats my tummy after eating Nasi Ambeng! Yumm it was good since i have been craving for it since my return from Singapore last July!

It looks more like a duck egg!

Been reading Surah Maryam almost daily now to calm me down and also Surah Al-Inshiqaq after every prayer. Oh i am praying so hard and May Allah guide me through this with utmost strength, high pain threshold and calmness also hoping that it will be safe, easy and painless labour (if only)! Insya Allah!

In December, we did a maternity shoot down Mornington! It has been quite an unpredictable weather but Alhamdulillah the Weather took a good turn and it was really sunny after a brief rainfall! Ali and me got each our own pair of Winnie The Pooh Vans sneakers! We’re complete now!

Among the photos we got from the shoot! Credits to Idzani for taking such great shots! Will upload more photos soon!

We’ve got people asking us what we need for the baby! But in all honesty what we really need is your sincere duas for us to have a safe, painless and quick delivery! We both cant wait to hold him in our arms! ☺️