3-0 uhoh!

I shall do a write up as i am sitting her watching the husband in his element. Go Karting of course!

How time flies! Woke up to a string of reminders that Tsumtsum (that’s what we call bub since day 1 until we figured out a proper name! 🙊) turned 30 weeks today! Omg! As usual i panicked. 10 more weeks to go! Its all exciting, nerve wrecking and so much anxiety at the same time!

Future Aunts and Uncles surprised me with a baby shower a few weeks ago! When i say me, it was because the husband knew all along about the plan! We decided not to hold one just because i think all we really need is sincere prayers for mum and bub and also because we have got all the necessities for the bub 😍 Masya Allah i was just blown away with the gesture and was just in shocked pretty much through the night!

Such a great feast with awesome company, hilarious games and just the atmosphere was super awesome! Can never be more grateful 😍 May Allah bless each and everyone of them who made this surprise baby shower possible including the boys! May Allah showers them with abundance of barakah, rezeki and happiness!

We’ve attended two out three birthing and parenting class that was organised by the hospital. It was somewhat informational and helpful. To the husband at least, for me it just freaked me out! Well until the part where she discussed about pain relief options. I was just trying to make sense of it all. Oh! Oh the two videos we were shown about labour, it was quite hmmm i cant even think of a word! It scared me out of my wits!

Sadly, we had to miss the next class due to our Sydney trip and had to join another class in January! All i can say is that this last trimester has been quite a challenge with the GD, heartburn, fatigue and a baby kicking a storm in my tummy! Some of the symptoms i never had before began to resurfaced this time round.

I can’t wait to visit the gynae in two weeks! I am more worried how much Tsumtsum has grown particularly now that i have GD.

10 more weeks. 😵



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