A + A Eurotrip 2015 ~ Paris Disneyland

As you can tell, we hardly use Taxis in our EuroTrip. We mostly Uber it through or use Mozio for any airport transfers! But I’ve heard some European countries are taking a stand on Uber so please do be careful. So we had a splendid Uber Ride from our Paris Hotel to our Kyriad Hotel in Disneyland. It takes about 40-45minutes from Paris. As we reached the Hotel, we knew that our room wasn’t ready as our check in time was at 3pm. So thankful that they have giant lockers for us to store our luggage and also for the free shuttle service to Disneyland too! As Disney lovers, we hopped on the free shuttle and began our day at the Walt Disney Studios Park.


Unfortunately it was such a waste of time. There’s not much to do as most of the rides are closed or maintained. You can even finish everything in less than a day, just make sure to fit in Animagic and Cinemagic in your itinerary for the day! As for Ali, he seems to think that the Studio’s Fish Burger is the best Fish burger he ever had!! So that was the highlight of his day! If you get the park hopper tickets, definitely recommend visitors to spend the other half of the day at Disneyland instead! We decided to do “some” retail therapy at La Vallée Village which is known to be filled with outlets of famous designers like, LV, Givency, Longchamp and etc… What a good bargain day, especially for your Longchamp needs!


We got back to a double room that we booked for the weekend! The rooms are clean and spacious and another good thing is the free shuttle to Disneyland which was awesome! However, the walls are really thin that we can hear heaps of noises from the corridors. In addition,this is the first family Disneyland hotel that doesn’t offer laundry service or even a laundry room! Its really hard to find a Laundromat too! I find that European hotels never provide ironing facilities in the room. Just an observation I found. Maybe they think that tourists are equipped with crease free luggage bags! We stayed on the first floor and thank god the lifts was working. Was reading reviews from the week before that the lifts wasn’t working! Alhamdulillah lucky us!


As you know anything and everything within Disneyland compounds are super expensive! Trying to scout for a good place to eat around Disney Village and finally after 45minutes wait we got into this American diner. The food was okay despite the high price we paid for the meal!
The next day we head to Disneyland Paris which was awesome. We love it! We were both like kids in an amusement park! We finally manage to take a photo of the Castle! It was fantastic Despite people smoking everywhere in the park and the fact that people actually stand up during the Parades! Which came as a big Disney culture shock! We managed to enjoy ourselves! The highlight for me would be Disney Dreams Finale show with spectacular fireworks! It was such a magical day for me. 3 parks down 2 to go! Of course I can’t help myself buying all the Disney collectibles for Home! I can’t wait to use everything once we got our house in the future!DSCN5322
Everyone has been asking about the discounted Disneyland Paris tickets that I got. I signed up with Ce Multiadvantages and got great discounts! They even send the tickets straight to our Hotel in Paris! It was awesome but you do need to sign up with them. Last I heard Disneyland Paris clamped down on these tickets sadly. We got such a bargain for 3 days 2 Park Hoppers Ticket (€119) , Arc De Triomphe (€10) and Seine River (€10) tickets for less than €300 for the 2 of us! Bargain!

Los Angeles Part 3

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We are Disney fans! Indeed our bucket list was to strike out all the Disneylands in the world! We did quite a research for our trip, so if you’re looking for authentic cheap Disneyland tickets and character dining vouchers, these are the websites to buy the Disneyland and Character dining tickets,


and get 2-DAY 1 PARK PER DAY BONUS TICKET – $171 (Cheapest I found!)

http://arestravel.com/77_attraction-tickets_a18.html – Character Dining – $33

We booked for breakfast with Minnie and friends at the Plaza Inn. Definitely a wonderful experience and never regret it! We booked it at 10.10AM but when we arrive there was still a queue to get in even when you’ve already booked. We were worried that the characters will be gone but they stayed and take photos with everyone from tables to tables! Try to get a table outside or where they could easily pass you and not some inner tables! Their round tummies (Winnie especially!) couldn’t get through!  Although we should have done dinner too! As we heard wonderful stuff about their dinner menu!


We got heaps of photos from the characters! Winnie the Pooh, Mickey & Minnie, Eeyore, Chipmunks, Goofy, Donald Duck and more! It was an indeed a memorable experience!

We love Disneyland for what it is, so we don’t really fancy the Christmas thingy! And they closed the entrance to the Castle as they were doing a filming for ABC Christmas’s special!!!!!!! VERY DISAPPOINTING!  If you’re not into Winter theme November – January may not be the best time to go! We were so gutted! We couldn’t even take a nice photo of the castle! We overlooked and thought that we were smart heading to Disneyland on a Monday and didn’t check that it was a public holiday! It was super duper crowded! So definitely check if there’s long weekends or possible holidays before you plan the day to go for your trip~

I don’t think we ever learn from our mistakes after booking for our Euro Trip (which is going to be end of this month!) we realised it was France’s Victory day during the time we are in Disneyland Paris! Oh wells!

It wasn’t crowded when we went to Disney California Adventure Park. This was on a Wednesday as Monday and Tuesday was public holidays! So we escaped to Universal Studios on Tuesday knowing that the Disney Parks will be packed too.


The rides was super awesome! We especially love the Aladdin Musical! It was spectacular and a must SEE! Definitely catch these rides; Radiator Springs Racers, Soarin’ Over California, Little Mermaid ~ Ariel’s Undersea Adventure and Toy Story Mania to name a few! I am a scaredy cat when it comes to Rides trust me! but these ones are great for people like me and are the best ones too!


Once you get in through the turnstile, 2 things you definitely must to do first! MUST DO! Grab the Fast Pass for Radiator Springs Racers and World of Colors! It’s a must!

Once that settled, you can have fun and make your way through the park but remember to set an alarm 30 mins before Radiator Springs Racers last Fast Pass Timing so you won’t missed it, the queue usually goes for hours and the fast pass finished real quick! And an hour alarm set for World of Colors! Although you have a fast pas for World of Colors, it is a first come first serve basis! You wouldn’t want to be standing behind a Dad that has his daughter on his shoulders now would you? (We learnt it the hard way!)


Also, not forgetting the Pixar Play Parade! It’s a 20 minute parade of your favourite Pixar Characters that you wouldn’t want to miss! We sat at the side of the “road” of the Hollywood Land! Great views and close to characters! We were there about 45mins before they start while grabbing a bite and rest! So put the parade in your alarm too!


Definitely great to get your hands on the Disneyland/California Adventure Park Map. So you know where are the attractions with priority to get the fastpass is! So you can save time and not running around like a wild goose!