Celebrity Crushes

*scrolling through Fattah’s Instagram*

We get too caught up with celebrity crushes, from what they are wearing to who they are dating so easily. Some may agree with me and some may not.

I go through phases; months at a time, i can be watching 4 Korean dramas on a weekly basis or i can be engrossed in a Malay/American drama daily. However, i can go months without watching any drama too!

I realised my infatuation with Korean or American celebrities usually takes a couple of months to die off, but i don’t even stalk them constantly on social media just the occasional Soompi or Enews goss or whatever that’s on my instagram newsfeed.

But for Malaysian celebrities, maybe because we are in the same racial/religion community. So we are easily influenced particularly of what they do or wear? If you get what I mean.

We stalked their social media, trying our best not to judge (but inevitably, as much as we deny,we do!) we check out the girls/guys they dated and how pretty or matchy they are, what/where they eat or hang out, who they are hanging out with and who designed the dress they are wearing.

After succumbing to peer pressure (because I’m a softie like that) I watched SHMP and fell head over heels with FA. Then I was so excited to know that #lofattah exists! Yay! Next minute, they’re not and fast forward to #fattzura Not a happy Jan! God knows why I had such a bitter reaction. I guess the whole chemistry of SHMP still clouding my mind.

Moreover, we even added Stalkers Cafe in our itinerary during our KL stopover to much of the husband’s resentment. Omg I know! I don’t even know why I did what I did. It was a Sunday, we knew he wouldn’t be there (his insta story say so! Filming a telemovie #fattzura again!) so a lil disappointed but was hoping his cafe would do justice. Omg since we ordered our deserts and have them served. None of the waiters smiled at us, seems very bleh atmosphere to me. The desserts we got was waffles that was just… Wasn’t good experience at all.

Time to unfollow so many unnecessary celebrities. Goodbye Fattah Amin.