PBC Baby Expo

So finally had the time to blog about the PBC Baby Expo that we went to in August. Was down with a chest infection all last week which has now spread to hubs and bubs 😦 Boo! I still feel guilty spreading it to the family.

We decided to go to the PBC Expo on the last day, Sunday with Filzah and Darren. It wasn’t overly crowded. Usually, I would print out the exhibitors’ map of the expo and highlight the different stores I want to go so as not to waste time/money/focus but this time we decided to explore the whole expo with the excited first time expecting parents.


What a way to start the day, we head to my favourite, the only and a must have Bum Barrier Spray go to provider, Nenni and Tom. Had to stock up of course! That was first on our shopping list! How lovely, they even expanded their range of products to baby baths and even a Paw Paw balm which I’ve fallen in love with!

As some will know, Ayden gone and still going through a phase of vigorously scratching his head when he is tired! When I say vigorous, I mean he scratch it so deep, it bleeds! Painful to see. I’ve clipped his nails, buffed it and had to have SAFETY mittens on all the time! So the PawPaw balm was a life saver in treating those cuts and made them heal quickly! Great job ladies xx

I was also looking forward to get the banana brush for Ayden. Heard it’s a major hit for teething babies! So we got the baby banana brush and the toddler one too since it was on special! 2 items for $25! And it work wonders! Ayden loves it! The only teether that he plays for along time..


I am quite surprised that none of the major baby carriers were at the Expo; particularly Ergobaby and Stokke! I was very excited and keen to check out the new Ergobaby Adapt and the new Stokke® MyCarrier™. Guess the only way to try them on is to make a trip down to baby bunting!

It seems that there were heaps more samples given out at this Expo than the previous expos and what’s more interesting is that there are some booths that encourages event goers to give a gold coin donation for their charities in exchange for a bag of samples. I really like that idea!


Especially with Ayden started on solids, the team at Nestle were very knowledgeable and addressed my concerns regarding the Nan Formula and Cerelac product range. We even scored free samples too! Unfortunately, the Wheat and Prune range did not sit with Ayden and he end up having constipation each time. 😦 Heard that some infants may take it well and some don’t.

To end the day, we did scored good bargains at the Baby Jogger booth, We got the snack tray and the rain cover for the Mini GT. So that was great ! It was on our shopping list for awhile. It was a good day overall. Looking forward to the next expo!