Week 19 of ISO – Second Lockdown

Can’t believe how time flies! Where did the time gone. We are in our second week of Lockdown yet again. The second wave that hit Melbourne was far more worst that I expected.

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My heart sank. I was looking forward to brighter days, little steps closer to being home with my parents. And then it hits…

Work on the other hand has been quite a challenge, Alhamdulillah. When it gets hard and stressful, pushed myself to look beyond, and be grateful that I still have a pay check coming in every month. Truly tough times for everyone out there regardless mentally, physically and financially. May Allah ease everyone’s affairs.

Discovered Monica J Sutton on Youtube. Hooked on her Circle Time sessions, Ayden has been watching her circle time every morning and it helps! He hasn’t been going to Daycare since March, can tell he misses the social aspects of it. We had a Zoom Farewell with his friends. Of course, I cried! Ayden however, was just thrilled to see his friends and I don’t think he realised that the Zoom session was a farewell!

Zoom Farewell – Guardian Early Learning Centre (Doncaster East)

June and July has been very hectic. We celebrated every family milestone and little victories in low key. It’s been overwhelming. It has. I feel quite the guilt, people I love, that I’ve been wanting to text but never got the chance. People that I used to video call daily, but im just consumed with everything that I haven’t got to the past month! I miss you girls, Wirza & Dee!

My parents… ما شاء الله. I try to call in at least once a week to check on them, sending them videos and voice recordings of Ayden every now and then. Nothing crushed me as hard until my Mum had to go into Emergency due to her heart a few weeks ago. She mentioned that she’s having breathing issues, her legs are swollen and she’s been having sleepless nights. I urged her to get it checked at the hospital.

Then, it happened. I cried imagining being in her shoes. She can’t see, wheeled into the emergency room, her heart rate went up to 600. Another heart attack. Must be the pressure of not knowing what’s happening.

It wasn’t easy. No. Not at all.

I considered all options, I checked with local authorities and friends who returned to Singapore during this lockdown period. I just want to be sure of my options if anything crops up. نعوذ بالله من ذلك

She constantly amazes me with her strength, she got discharged a few days later. She’s on a stronger medication and blood thinner to assist her blood flow. She’s being closely monitored at home and for a fact I know that she’s at ease, at the comfort of her safe haven.

I really really miss my parents a lot. More than these lips could say, even more than this heart could yearn.

These days I look at Ayden and think to myself, He can run after wealth, career and everything that this dunya can offer but if he grew up without Akhlak, not having Allah and his Family as his priorities, I failed raising him right. May Allah guide me to be the best version of myself that I could ever be to Ayden, and May he grow up always having Allah and His family in his heart. Amin 🤲🏼

Ayden and I made this together as a gift for his Kinder Class. Till next post, Hakuna Matata something I tell myself every now and then


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