Week 3.

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Week 3 of working from home. It has been such a roller coaster of emotions. Anxiety levels has been running high, the constant news from different sources, the confusing messages from all over, the insecurities and uncertainties. On top of this juggling work which has been quite full on and trying to overcome this mom guilt of feeding Ayden with Disney Plus, multiple screen times to keep him occupied while I try to get through my work and getting him away from everyone else who’s busy working from home (Full House!). Now, Kind of regretting not bringing my second screen home. Felt like my efficiency level went down by 50%!

We have been keeping Ayden in since we started working from home three weeks ago. It was a hard decision for me personally because I knew how much Ayden enjoys school and that he misses all his friends a lot especially his best friend Braydon and Nolan. It was quite difficult to explain to him the situation in a way that he can understand. Into the second week, he begins to accept; I guess a new-ish routine. And that is “Mummy…Can you…?” Or “Mummy!!!” And this goes on the entire day! So this Mummy have to hide when in Zoom meetings or Conference Calls.

So today I have been super ambitious. On top of month’s end reports (thank God it didn’t fall on a Monday!) to submit, I planned on a learning adventure of going through an alphabet a day with Ayden. Learning from my mistakes yesterday of going through 7 alphabets in one day which shocked the likes of my teacher friends! I followed their advice and do an alphabet a day. I’ll post about our learning adventures another day. It’s just hilarious!

And we made COOKIES to end our fruitful day! I called it stress baking!

I must say, this recipe is for keeps if you like your cookies crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside! Super easy to make if you have a little cheeky preschooler like mine to be your assistant. Click on the photo for recipe deets!


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