#AliAnaFamille ~ Tasmania Part 3

Current view: Ayden playing in the backyard with his Grandparents. Priceless!

Since its the long weekend i will complete these series of our Tasmania trip! Everyday routine is work-home-Ayden-Ali(sometimes!)-sleep-work and the cycle goes round again, i hardly had time for myself, hence not even blogging. I finally broke the cycle last Friday by attending Justin Bieber’s concert, but ill save that post for another day.

On our second last day of the trip, we drove down to Freycinet Peninsula, unfortunately we didn’t have the time to stop by Swansea! What a shame! Would love to try out the Fish Van and Berries Farm Waffles! But the view of the Wineglass Bay is just magnificent so it was all worth it! The entry pass to the Freycinet National park per vehicle (up to 8 people) is $24 daily which can be bought online or at the entrance of the park as well. Supposedly one of the short walks to the Wineglass Bay lookout, Armed with our infants in the carrier, we hike our way up with a few visitors coming up to us wishing us all the best! We embraced the well wishes, tawakkal and head on! 🙂

Its no easy walk with two infants! but them Daddies did a very good job! It takes us about 1.5 hours to complete the walk! There were parts of the walk that’s quite a challenge with two infants!

Upon reaching the peak, the view was magnificent. It was worth all the hike! Surprisingly, there was a lost wallaby at the lookout finding for food. Super adorable! Because we started the day late, by the time we finished the hike was close to five and most of the groceries store are starting to close, so we rushed to Tasmanian Coastal Seafoods to get some fresh seafood to cook in for dinner. Unfortunately, it was quite late in the afternoon so we are just left with whatever seafood that they have. Still we cooked up a feast!


The next morning we head out early to visit the Salamanca Market in Hobart City. Unknown to us was the traffic and how busy the city was. Long story short we missed our flight by a few minutes! 😦

Salamanca Market has such a great tassie feeling to it. At some point, it actually breaks me to take a breather, to slow down and to admire what’s here and now. I was amassed by their fresh produce from Jams to Honey 🍯 Apparently, their creamed Leatherwood Honey from one of the stalls are pretty famous and was sold out by the time we got there! of course, they were all bought off by a large group of Chinese tourist! But I end up having a taste of it and I can understand why! Such relish! As we are running out of time, we rushed back to our car and drove to the airport! Ali knew we wouldn’t make it in time. But I was a lil more positive. As we reached the airport, I rushed to the check in counter and was told that if I had checked in bags, we won’t make it but if I don’t I can just board the plane! Damn oh wells!

So we ended up eating at a local seafood place and enjoy every last bits that Tasmania got to offer from our favourite Sparkling Apple Juices, Scallop Pies

Overall it was such a great trip and it was the first time we travelled with another couple with an infant! It was a challenge because I am an anal planner. Yup I admit it! I planned my trips before hand and get pretty urge when things don’t go to plab but then I realised traveling with babies and children, well you can’t expect things to go into plan really. You just have to take it an hour at a time and see how they go. Especially on road trips and being buckled into car seats for hours! Expect a lot of detours and a lot of stops but hey any stops in Tasmania is worth it! 😁


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