Ive been having the exact same thoughts like how I’m going to handle the labour pain, how do i know my pain threshold, how can i do this, what are the effects. Even after going through classes i still am scared but not as much as before. Ive been @themidwifemumma on instagram. Shes been really helpful with her posts. Should focus on feeding your brains on positive words, try to find out the labour stages so you know exactly what you will be going through as they will be in stages and if you want to watch, watch only the positive labour videos. Read up on the pain relief options and no matter what happens at the back of your mind, do know that they are there to help you. And i learnt this, ppl gonna judge you and tell you what to have or not to have. But they are not your body or your pain, do what you feel is right. Dun care whether you wanna c sect or epi, it doesn’t make you less of a mother/woman. Trust your instincts. She also said to try breathing techniques it helps and works better to control your mind. I am still learning and still scared. But i am sure we will always be able to support each other! Fighting 😉

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