Coleman Black Out 10 Men Tent

As I lay here in bed, (in our Coleman tent that we finally used a year later!) and hearing the waves crashing against the shore, the stress and tension of this worldly life slowly fades away.

It’s has only been 5 days into 2023. But the past two weeks has been quite stressful with workload. I’ve been having such bad migraines. I think this camping trip was much needed. Time to reset and reconnect to nature, sometimes I feel the need to stay/be grounded.

I’ve always dreamt of owning a beach house, so that I can pray and sleep whilst listening to the crashing waves. Oh how therapeutic! A retirement plan I hope in the making.

A group of friends were kind enough to invite us to join them on their camping trip. I don’t think we’ll ever discover this awesome place at Seaspray if not for them. Camping lots are generous, the facilities are well maintained and being across the beach is a bonus!

Our last day of camp, Anne managed to whip up some good old gado gado which is awesome! Ayden had so much fun camping with his peers for the first time our of his current social circle. Glad he is settling well too.

Till our next camping trip!


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